Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A soap is just a soap right?

Well! not really :) These ones are simple a visual aid pleasure. With their beautiful art deco designs, the packaging is simple a delight.
And plus they are from my country Portugal :).
Searching more about them i ended up finding that the soaps from Claus Porto are one of Oprah's favorites. As we say in Portuguese "O que 'e nacional 'e bom" translation would be something like "the national product is the best"

The most well know brands of Portuguese soap are Claus Porto , Confianca

(image from Wallpaper*)

This image is simple a feast for the eye, i don't think i would dare to turn down the packaging :P

Here are the current soaps from Claus Porto:

(images from Claus Porto)
and their latest one, personal favorite:

(image from Claus Porto)

Another Portuguese soap brand that not only has soaps but also really nice candles is Castelbel

(from oportocool)

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