Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun in the kitchen!

I was not much of a cook before. Back then cooking was a need to avoid jumping and eating cookies and other junk food. That was until the moment i bought for the first time a Jamie Olivers book. I'm an enthusiastic of his cooking books. They are simple straight to the point and it has easy to achieve recipes! Here is my first cake ever with the help of my petit ami.
From the Jamie Oliver books the best book for beginners is with out any doubt the Ministry of Food. Has a lot of easy recipes and really tasty! Followed by really nice pics. Here is a veggie lasagna i did inspired in the recipe from Jamie. In this case the meat was replaced by aubergines, courgettes and mushrooms.
Another cooking book author that i love is Rachel Allen! Her best book for me is Bake
These are some nice chocolate muffins i made from the book. Next to some really beautiful peonies if got that day in the Brussels Gare du Midi Market. Another really simple and tasty afternoon tea treat are the scones recipe you can find in Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food:

with some jam and cream cheese, they are yummy!

Before i had never used the oven ever ever :P even the pizza was made in the microwaves. I know is a true disgrace. Now since is started baking i cannot stop! i just to much fun to bring all the ingredients together following the recipe meticulously and seeing them grow in the oven :)

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uuhh!! those muffins look Nhamiii! :D

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