Sunday, March 28, 2010

New York, New York here we come!!!

What a wonderful city New York is!! I have already been there in 2008 but I feel that I still have so much to discover !! Next week I will be there again :) to check out all the spots I've missed the first time.

I've already have my top list:

-Central Park Picnic with some goodies from Dean & DeLuca , discover all the hidden places!

-Visit the museums I've missed the first time! the Met, Guggenheim !

Andy Warhol's Campbell Soup at Moma!

-Take a break and read a nice book at the New York Library Main Branch,

-Have some yummy cupcakes!! This ones below were from the famous Magnolia Bakery,

-For lunch adventure myself in China Town!!

-Climb to the top of the Empire State Building! The picture below was taken from the top of the Rockefeller center

-Get discount tickets for a Broadway musical!

-Go for the first time to a opera production at The Metropolitan Opera

And definitely get lost wondering Manhattan's coolest neighborhoods. Any advices are more then welcome! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why do we love Macarons?

Why do we like them so much! It might be the fact that we can find them in ever imaginable color! the visual appeal.. Or that they are amazing tasting!! They are indeed a true explosion of flavors and colors!

The last time I was in London I couldn't resist to buy some of my favorite macarons in Laduree at Harrods,

I know that we shouldn't play with food.. but I couldn't resist to try doing some photo styling :)

I love their boxes they are super cute!!

The Flavors above are Pistachio, Coffee, Lemon, Liquorice , Raspberry and Praline! I have to say that the Lemon and the Liquorice are my favorites! such and explosion of flavors! You can find all the existing flavors here

My new challenge is try to bake them!! I just need to get my hands on this book:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lovely bottles design

Its already a habit every time we visit a new place we always end up browsing through supermarkets! It is an interesting experience as you discover new products.

This time in London we found a lovely supermarket chain called Waitrose. The soft drinks section was a total perdition! So many lovely bottle packages I could not resist!

This brand BottleGreen has some really lovely bottle designs,

I simply love their new party bottle!

Another brand that has a nice bottling is Belvoir.

The calligraphy is simply beautiful,

Both Bottle Green and Belvoir are cordial drinks an extremely sweet non-alcoholic fruit flavored drink concentrate that is diluted with water.

The bottling of This Water is simple but very lovely,

All those three brands are originally from UK.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Anthropologie in London, Shop Tour

When following bloggers in US we soon get familiar with the delightful brand Antropologie.
Recently they've open their first European shop in London at Regent Street.

I had the opportunity to visit it this weekend and I was very impressed by the selection of clothes and home decor items. The shop it self is full of vibrant colors and very organic.

The flowers in the image below were made of plastic bottles, what a nice DIY idea :)

What is simply delightful is their attention to details in the decoration of the shop,

How cool is this garden wall ??

Super cute book case,

The decoration is simply a feast to the eye, there is so many small details. Like the one below, it looks like some kind of patterns for ribbon making.

I would love to have a bed like this one !

In the household appliances section, full of vibrant colors.

I cannot resist to these colors!!!

A very interesting decor idea, to add some drawings as the background paper of the closet,

I was very impressed indeed with this shop! what a great concept! I would describe it as very ethnic, colorful and organic shop :)
I'm looking forward to seeing this shop in New York next month! ;)