Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why do we love Macarons?

Why do we like them so much! It might be the fact that we can find them in ever imaginable color! the visual appeal.. Or that they are amazing tasting!! They are indeed a true explosion of flavors and colors!

The last time I was in London I couldn't resist to buy some of my favorite macarons in Laduree at Harrods,

I know that we shouldn't play with food.. but I couldn't resist to try doing some photo styling :)

I love their boxes they are super cute!!

The Flavors above are Pistachio, Coffee, Lemon, Liquorice , Raspberry and Praline! I have to say that the Lemon and the Liquorice are my favorites! such and explosion of flavors! You can find all the existing flavors here

My new challenge is try to bake them!! I just need to get my hands on this book:


claire said...

You are making my mouth water with these lovely macarons! I'm in love with the box, too :)

Juana @ SweetVisualAids said...

They are true eye candy ;)

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