Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Amazing Topiary gardens!

I had never seen such an amazing topiary garden as this one! I really felt like Alice in Wonderland at the amazing Levens Hall Gardens in the Lake District!

its just magical! to be in a garden like this...

Simply Impressive!!!

The picture below reminds me of a garden coming out of a Jane Austen book! probably from Emma :)

I could have spent the hole day there! just wondering around and enjoying the view!

secret gates...


"A grade I listed garden dating from 1694 – through a combination of circumstance and love the gardens at Levens Hall have survived in their original design. The topiary is some of the oldest in the world and justifiably famous. "

simply amazing! no words to describe it! :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It was one year ago!

Yep! Time does sure fly! It was on a Friday evening one year ago that I thought I love so much reading other peoples blogs, being able to see life from their eyes, visit new places see new things... Why not create my own blog to share the nice things I come across ?

and that is how Sweet Visual Aids was started!

What can I say about me! I'm a Portuguese girl from Lisbon living in Brussels for almost 4 years with my partner in crime. I came to Brussels due to a great working opportunity and since then it was been a wonderful ride so far! I've meet a lot of nice people and had the chance to explore in more detail Belgium but also all the neighboring countries ;)

If you are wondering about the super cool paper cups! I've bought them at a really nice store called Papermash. They are designed by IaM Designs. You can really get creative with them,


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Edinburgh, Road Trip

In Edinburgh we only had the time to visit the Castle which is simply huge! it took us
almost all the day! But very impressive,

the tourist crowd now populates the castle... some hundred years ago was another story!

Impressive fireplaces,

incredible stained windows,

there is so much to see in this castle that you really need some directions!

After a lot of walking nothing better then a super tasty castle tea at the Queen Anne Café!

a very interesting pic I've found in one of the expositions!

Next stops previewwwwwwwwwwwwww

the! lake

topiary gardens

at the Lake District! :)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Scottish Borders RoadTrip!

In the next phase of our road trip we went from the Hadrian Walls in direction to the beautiful town of Kelso in the Scottish borders!
Equipped with our loyal Lonely Planet of Great Britain! Which gave us some suggestions of super nice places to sightsee on the way to Kelso.

First stop! The impressive Caerlaverock Castle

some very curios cows looking very suspicious to us :P

we can say the same about this mountain sheep!

Somewhere along the Northumberland National Park on the way to our next stop the Traquair House which is one of Britain's great noble residences that was constructed around 1107!

The Traquair House entrance,

Their amazing Maze!! I had never seem one as big as this!!!

it was a lot of fun to go around it :)

in case you got stuck... there was a special exit :)

The impressive Kelso Abbey,

Our second bed and breakfast! The Old Priory right in the middle of Kelso

It was a city B&B but really nice! I specially enjoyed the bedroom!

how nice is that dressing table!!

They had in the hall my favorite flowers peonies which left a really nice smell all around!

In addition to a nice room they have a pretty amazing garden!!!

The breakfast room was also very cozy!!

again as in the previous B&B they also have an impressive hutch!!

full with super cute milk jug's as this one,

breakfast table with a gorgeous garden view,

and a full English breakfast!!! What else can you ask for :)

Next stop!! in direction to Edinburgh!!!