Sunday, May 29, 2011

Its the final countdown!!!

It is almost the end of a lot of hard work and commitment! I'm talking about working, doing an MBA in Part-Time and planning a wedding.. is not easy!

But is almost over!!! The MBA classes have finished! now we only have a business game (if you want to support my team :) just press in the link and Like us!!) and in the first of July we graduate!!!! yupi!!!!

Here are some pictures of what happen in our last class,

confetti war!!! yeeeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!

It has been two years of hard work but totally worth it!!

we are going to graduate again together :))) first University now the masters! :)

But the best is yet to come!! we get married in the end of August! and afterrrrrrrrrrrrrr we are going one year off!! to Travel Around the worldddddddddddd :)))))
as Barney Stinson would say: "is gonna be LEGEN...wait for it...DARYYYYYY!!!!"

Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is yummy, where is it from?

Thai food is just and explosion of delicious flavors,

food therapy for what is to come in 3months!!!!!!!!!

this was in Leuven, Belgium at the Thai House

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Remembering Prague

Working and studying in part time for almost 2 year has been quite demanding! But the reward is coming!! we are 3 months away from our wedding and a well deserved time off!!

My personal therapy to keep focus and move forward is to revisit our travel albums :)

This week I was getting inspired with the trip we did in July 2009 to the amazing city of Prague! which I simply loved!! and its the country of my favorite artist Mucha :)

The famous Astronomical Clock,

statues in the famous Charles Bridge,

Apparently touching the statue is a Prague ritual, It is supposed to bring good luck and to ensure that you return to Prague soon.

The impressive St. Vitus Cathedral,

Amazing Mucha's stained glass window inside the St. Vitus Cathedral,

Mucha's paintings in the Prague's Municipal House,

Prague is an amazing city!!

Prague is a beautiful city without any doubt! plus there is a lot of really nice jazz clubs :)
We stayed at the Hotel William which has a very particular decor :) kind of princess style ehhehe but it was pretty good, close to the Charles bridge and had a pretty nice price :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is yummy, where is it from?

Super yummy ice cream, nectarine and raspberry flavors,

at the new Santini in Chiado, Lisbon!