Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is yummy, where is it from?

Yummy breakfast,

with some amazing confitures and chocolate,

at the Tout Bon in Place du Luxembourg, Brussels

Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Bruges!

If you visit Belgium, Bruges is definitely a must see! Is a charming town surrounded with little canals and an impressive grand place!

the big tower very featured in the movie In Bruges (an interesting movie btw!),

guess what is the kind of shop you will find in every corner in Bruges... ChoOCOLATeee!!!


and if you are not in the mood for chocolate.. which is hard to imagine.. :P you have the second best thing!

fritessssssssssssssss! with any kind of sauce! (this one was Samurai source)

After the carbs fiesta nothing better then relaxing in a boat trip!

ahhhh Sunn!! I've missed you!

Was Sunnny... but still quite COooooOOoooL :P

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is your favorite tea?

I'm kind of a tea freak! Always exploring new brands and flavors. There is nothing better than a cup of tea on a cold winter day or an awesome ice tea in the pick of summer!

After a lot of tasting! Here a my favorites!

-From Kusmi tea the detox and love are yummy. I've found this amazing gourmet shop in Lisbon (located at Principe Real) that has every single flavor! and if you just want to take a bit you can by only 50grams

-Then we have the amazing Yogi teas that not only taste wonderful but also bring an insightful message,

-My new discovery is the Pukka teas! Their detox tea is also pretty amazing as well as the love! But what I like even better is the design of the boxes :)))

If you are in Belgium you can find the Yogi and Pukka teas in the amazing Bio-Planet shop in Leuven.

And you! what is your favorite tea?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

29 years Ago!

A not so small, little curious girl was born,

good for her that she meet someone that doesn't mind answering many questions,