Sunday, September 27, 2009

J.Crew why not Europe?

When reading blogs from US we end up noticing what are the brands that most inspire people to consume :)
And J.Crew is definitely one of them, it has simple designs but full of charm.

Being more and more a global economy, what i don't understand is why J.Crew doesn't invest in Europe. There is market here, people are always looking for something new and inspiring.
What is strange for me is that if we go to j.crew website they do import to Japan.. but zero countries in Europe.

(pictures from j.crew )

I suppose they already have quite a base in US, they might not see the profit in coming to Europe. Yep, Europe is quite a challenging market, since its different cultures, mentalities etc. But still if we look at a Massimo Dutti you can find it every where in Europe, not the same style as J.Crew but for sure the same people that shops in Massimo Dutti would related definitely to J.Crew. Still these are just assumptions from a not totally informed person.. that would like to shop at J.Crew in Europe :P

Well, i cannot complain so much regarding good shops we can find in Europe. For instance in Portugal we have Lanidor a Portuguese brand that also does inspiring clothes,

(pictures from Lanidor)

It can be found already in some European countries like Spain, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lets jump 2!!

We really like to let it all go and simply have fun and Jump!!!

Fly beneath one of the most impressing Parisian Monuments!

This one is not yet the jump.... but the devil eyes we got in the pic :P

Jump in London to salute the Queen!

Jump near the Ghent canals, but try not to fall in them :P

Rock the small towns party with some jumps!

being in Brussels... its mandatory to jump in front of the Atomium!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiring Flea Markets in Paris

Last weekend i had the opportunity to go to Paris and visit two of the most charming Parisian Flea Markets, Portes de Vanves and Porte de Clignancourt (Puces de Saint-Ouen).

Following the indications of my last book acquisition
Both the markets are in the periphery of Paris, but with the metro we can reach them quite easily.

My first visit was to Portes de Vanves, i found it really charming and full of great finds at a reasonable price. Here are some delightful pics,

i specially loved this stand full or charming details,

really cute postcard :)

The second market i've visit was the Porte de Clignancourt (Puces de Saint-Ouen). This one is a bit different from the Portes de Vanves as its has permanent stalls. And it is composed by individual markets located in the same area. My favorite one was Marche Vernaison.

this piano was incredible, cannot even imagine how much would they charge for it :P

hello vintage Vogue!!

this was a stall that only sold old figures probably from old carousels but in perfect condition.

this group of markets that represents Puces de Saint-Ouen are simply a feast to the eye. You do see real antiques, but the prices go well together with their age :P

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The best place to buy books online!

Is with out any questions Book Depository, if you ask why? is simple: Free Shipments! how nice is that??

Plus their books really have some competitive prices when comparing them with amazon. Another great point is that we can pay in euros/dollars/pounds!

Do register to their newsletter, since from time to time they have 10% vouchers :D

Here are my last additions to my library :)

Downtown Chic for decor inspiration is a great book,

The Flea Markets of France really a great book to find some of the most charming and great finds flea Markets!

I've used it this weekend in Paris to visit the Porte de Clignancourt (Puces de Saint-Ouen) and Portes de Vanves Flea Markets! Will post some pics about this truly authentic Parisian Markets in a next post!