Sunday, September 27, 2009

J.Crew why not Europe?

When reading blogs from US we end up noticing what are the brands that most inspire people to consume :)
And J.Crew is definitely one of them, it has simple designs but full of charm.

Being more and more a global economy, what i don't understand is why J.Crew doesn't invest in Europe. There is market here, people are always looking for something new and inspiring.
What is strange for me is that if we go to j.crew website they do import to Japan.. but zero countries in Europe.

(pictures from j.crew )

I suppose they already have quite a base in US, they might not see the profit in coming to Europe. Yep, Europe is quite a challenging market, since its different cultures, mentalities etc. But still if we look at a Massimo Dutti you can find it every where in Europe, not the same style as J.Crew but for sure the same people that shops in Massimo Dutti would related definitely to J.Crew. Still these are just assumptions from a not totally informed person.. that would like to shop at J.Crew in Europe :P

Well, i cannot complain so much regarding good shops we can find in Europe. For instance in Portugal we have Lanidor a Portuguese brand that also does inspiring clothes,

(pictures from Lanidor)

It can be found already in some European countries like Spain, Ireland, Germany and Switzerland.

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