Saturday, October 3, 2009

Universal Sync between bloggers!

The other day i was taking a stroll in Leuven and remembered that i had to buy some tofu for my quiches. So i went to this Asia shop and bought my tofu.. but you know you never end there in shopping.. there is always something more that catches your eye! and this time were these really sweet tea boxes! i have no doubt the tea is great but the boxes were simply delightful just for 2.50 euros each!

The other day i was reading the blog Oh Joy! and guess what i found!

(image from the Martha Stewart's website)

The exact same tea tins! used in a way i wouldn't imagine at a first glance. But it is nice idea for center pieces, simple and delightful.

Also following one of my favorite blogs Decor8 here they are again!

(pic from Decor8)

If your closest Asia shop doesn't have them you can buy them here

Digging a bit more about these tea tins i came across another way to use them.. rather then storing tea!

(pic from CountryLiving)

Endless possibilities for a simple and pretty tea tins!

This is what i call a Universal Sync Between bloggers :)

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