Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amsterdam, a simply unique city

Its not the first time I've been in Amsterdam, but every time we go we always end up seeing something new and surprising!

Cannot help taking pictures of Dutch bikes,

Nothing like taking a stroll on the the Farmers Market on the Noordermarkts street,

the white furniture recovered, simple but beautiful!

flipping the porcelain cups I've found out that they are made in Belgium!!

The flavors, smells and visual delights of the bio farmers market,

The unexpected in the canals,

probably a bachelor party,

in Amsterdam you can always find floating cakes slices :P

new means of traveling,

Strongly recommend renting a bike in Amsterdam, specially one that doesn't shout out load... tourist :P you can rent a low profile bike at...

When cycling around the canals from time to time we had to stop to see some of the coolest stores in the Jordaan neighborhood,

vintage houseware shop,

We had to stop at the Albert Cuyp Market!

the traditional sandwich with herring, not the most appealing to the eye but tasty!

cute cat taking care of the fabric stand :P

traffic jammmmmm!

some interesting finds..

this one made me smile!!!

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My Owl Barn said...

Beautiful snaps. Cake slice boat ride seems fun. The picture of the graffiti is so cute.

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