Sunday, November 1, 2009

Remembering Barcelona!!!

Back in 2005 i lived in Barcelona for about 6 months! and it was one of the best experiences i had! I shared a tiny tiny 34m2 apartment on the Carrer Mozart, in the trendy Gracia neighborhood, with my great friend Carolina!!

We went to Barcelona do to an internship sponsored by the European program Leonardo da Vinci

Here are some snapshots of those wonderful moments!!!

In Barcelona there is always a hole bunch of people in the streets! at any time! specially in Passeig de Gràcia! so you will never feel lonely
In the corner of the picture you can see our mascot the Galo de barcelos a traditional Portuguese souvenir!

It was a Sunday afternoon we were at home having a relaxing time.. out of the blue we start to hear music! we come outside and here they are the Castellers in the middle or our square!

Barcelona is Gaudi, Gaudi and Gaudi!!! and we love it!

do see Casa Batllo with an audio guide, is really worth it!

Gorgeous Park Güell!

BCN is all about fooodddddddddddd

the famous Xampanheira! were you can have some cava! with a Botifarra sandwich, simply yummy!

there is always something doing on in the Barrio Gothic!

Beautiful Montserrat!

the most awesome party ever!! is in the Gracia neighborhood and is called Sant Medir. A lot of people in horses come and throw you candy !

our catch that day was good and colorful!

Gorgeous view Barcelona from Tibidabo

Port Aventura is really a blasttttttttttt

Great moments!!!!

Barcelona is a city that is fully alive, full of diversity, events, colors etc
With out any doubt one of my favorite European cities!!!!

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