Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is it about Flea Markets!

The last weekend i went to the most famous flea market in Belgium in Waterloo

It's always interesting to walk around a flea market, you observe what people have been collecting in the last couple of years. And as we normally say someones garbages another ones treasure!

What is interesting is to think about the story of the objects. Why were they bought how many years and events did they endure.

Searching for a treasure :) i bought this really delightful eye catching tea cups

Not sure why but i have a feeling that this two tea cups will be the start of many others :)

A good tip when you are buying china in Flea Markets is to flip the cups/dish and verify what is the crest in the bottom. In my case it seems they came from Germany as they say Bavaria.
I started getting more curios about china in flea markets and came across the following link

Not sure yet if a payed a good price or not.. but for me 4.50 euros for the two cups and dishes seems an ok price.. but i'm just a beginner in the flea market world!

I could resist to try my talent in photo styling with this delightful new props!

UhmMmm i'm happy with the outcome.. but i still have a long way to go!

Talking about photo styling i found this really nice link with a couple of inserting tips

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