Saturday, August 14, 2010

It was one year ago!

Yep! Time does sure fly! It was on a Friday evening one year ago that I thought I love so much reading other peoples blogs, being able to see life from their eyes, visit new places see new things... Why not create my own blog to share the nice things I come across ?

and that is how Sweet Visual Aids was started!

What can I say about me! I'm a Portuguese girl from Lisbon living in Brussels for almost 4 years with my partner in crime. I came to Brussels due to a great working opportunity and since then it was been a wonderful ride so far! I've meet a lot of nice people and had the chance to explore in more detail Belgium but also all the neighboring countries ;)

If you are wondering about the super cool paper cups! I've bought them at a really nice store called Papermash. They are designed by IaM Designs. You can really get creative with them,


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