Thursday, August 27, 2009

Simple and delightful household appliances

Dille & Kamille is a delightful shop to visit is you are looking for simple and functional household items. In this shop you find really traditional kitchen accessories in wood as all the appliances you might need in a kitchen! At a really reasonable price which is even more appealing!

By their own definition, The concept of this store is this eclectic mix of products that go well together and yet the natural simplicity remain anchored. An emphasis on a common product that makes life enjoyable

I simply love their pic styling for the picnic items

Picnic time!!!!!

That number 14!! Organic Syrups

(all pics from Dille&Kamille)

They have the nicest baking gear, i just look at this pic and feel like starting baking. That red scale has been in my shopping list for so long!

What I really like about this shop is their social responsibility and awareness trying to minimize as much as possible the impact in the environment, buy selling reclined glasses or using fair trade products.

If you come by Belgium of the Netherlands its worth a visit!


Concha said...

Dille & Kamille is one of my favourite shops in the world!!

I adore their aesthetics, the fact that their going for genuine, vintage-inspired objects for everyday life.

Unfortunately I live in Portugal, otherwise I'd shop there every week! :)

Juana said...

Hi Constança!

What is funny is that i first found this shop when i was reading your blog :)
You really know some nice places!

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