Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering Beautiful Croatia...

Men! time does sure fly! Almost two years ago i went one week to Croatia, by car! yep it was a long drive for a shot stay. But definitely worth it! Its just beautiful.

We were in between going to the south of France or Croatia... and it did pay off Croatia. Definitely much cheaper and less crowded, at lest in the beginning for September.

When driving from Belgium to Croatia we stopped for the night in Salzburg Mozart's birth place and the scenario for The Sound of Music.

If found this pic really interesting, how cute are the Austrian traditional clothes? , removing the weapon the lady has :)

I knew H&M has a big marketing power.. but i never expected to see some of their publicity in a church!

We did another little stop in Austria for a swim in this beautiful lake Faaker See

In Croatia we first stayed in Opatija,

our view from the hotel room, simply priceless!

After we continued our stay in the beautiful island of Krk

I specially love this pic, the cat looks so relaxed taking a sun bath!

When returning back to Belgium we did a stop in Fussen the town right next to the gorgeous Neuschwanstein, the castle that inspired the Cinderella castle in Disney land!

Bavaria in Germany really has some of the most beautiful landscapes...

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