Sunday, January 16, 2011

Macarons are here to stay!

Without any doubt Macarons are here to stay! Because they are super yummy and eye candy :)
Last month my sister went to Paris... and guess what I asked her to bring me :)

and of course I had to have a photoshoot with them!! this time with a digital SLR! my humble Canon Ixus has been good to me.. but an SLR is another league!

yummy flavors! of Rose, Jasmin mango, Blackcurrant Violet, Caramel with salted butter and Liquorice,

a close up of this yummy treats,

I also gave another task to my sister :) to get me some pictures from the tea room of Ladurée Bonaparte shop. Thanks a lot Sis :)))

it has a impressive room! I need to visit it next time I'm in Paris :)))

who can resist to the Macarons of Laduree? they should open a store here in Belgium!!!


Anonymous said...

I've been there, it's so pretty!

Anyway, are you kidding me? You have neuhaus, leonidas, godiva, pierre marcolini... It's chocolate heaven in there! I ate so much chocolate when I visited Belgium...I really miss it!

Camila F.

Juana @ SweetVisualAids said...

Indeed I cannot complain to much Camila :)
we do have wonderful Chocolate here in Belgium!
But we always crave more what we don't have :)

Le Blonde said...

Pois eu vou a Paris na Primavera e espero ir conhecer a landuree! :D

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