Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's for breakfast?

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day! It's also in the morning when you least want to spend time cooking since you are probably sleepy!

I normally have some super yummy Dorset Cereals with yogurt and some blueberries easy to make even under the influence of sleep! . The cereals I buy them at the amazing English shop, close to Brussels, called Stonemanor.

The cup on the above picture is from the amazing shop Fishs Eddie in NYC, damn those 20 kilos! if I could I would have brought much more dinnerware they have some super original pieces :)

Another yummy breakfast is scones with jam and some black tea! I've done a post some time ago and now to make them. I normally bake the scones on Sunday and freeze them for the rest of the week. You just pop one out of the freezer in to the microwave with the defrost program and is ready to eat!

For the ones wondering what is written in the tea cup is in Portuguese and is something like: "Life with out friends is like a garden with out flowers" :)

My last addition to breakfast food is some amazingly easy pancakes, recipe from Jamie Oliver. I came across a super cute video of Jamie doing some pancakes with his daughters over at {frolic!} and I had to try them out!

Here they are, some amazing banana pancakes with yogurt, honey and blueberries.
Unfortunately the light was not the best when I took the picture,

super yummyyyyyy!

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Anonymous said...

Que lindo esse bowl de bolinhas, sou apaixonada por louças assim tão lindas!

Adorei o vídeo das panquecas, as filhas do Jamie são umas fofas!

Camila F.

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