Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cologne's Christmas Market Food!

Cologne's Christmas Markets are with out any doubt one of the best in Europe! But what is really amazing in the snacks/drinks you can find there :)

To start nothing better then a warm Gluewine (hot wine with spices)

with some amazing potato dumplings with herbs and cream!

being in Germany is mandatory to have this amazing snack in the pic below,


another typical snack is fried potato with apple sauce,

other yummy snacks!

plenty of yummy sweets,

handmade candy,

gingerbread cookies :)

Is a true food feast!

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ana said...

oh meu deus, eu não devia ter descoberto o teu blog logo pela manhã... acho que até me está a subir a insulina só de olhar para estas fotos! :) vivam os mercados de natal! :D

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