Sunday, January 31, 2010

The correct Waterloo Flea Market

In a previous post i referred that i had gone to the Waterloo Flea Market.. but guess what!! i went to the wrong one :P it happens. In the description it said it was located in the Carrefour in Waterloo.. but there is two Carrefours in Waterloo!!!

This time i went to the correct Waterloo flea market, here are the pictures to prove it :)

This one caught my eye, a vintage scale!

I always get amazed on how beautiful the sewing machines were before, now they are just a big piece of plastic. They lost the charm.. that this Singer machine has

They have quite a number of antique furniture,

this one ... restored would be gorgeous!

How cute is this antique baby stroller,

a really old looking Teddy,

some vintage door knobs,

I've found interesting that some one would sell his old gas boxes...

Vintage Phonographs,

There are some true treasures to be found in the Waterloo Flea Market!

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Uma perdição é o que é!!!

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