Sunday, April 3, 2011

Miauuuuuuuuuuuuu!! the hard life of a cat

When I'm feeling low... nothing better then some pictures of cats to cheer me up. Here are some I've been collecting in our trips,

I would love to be this cat sunbathing in Croatia,

Well in Paris.. you had to sleep in a painting! :P

In Amsterdam, Cats apparently like to lay on top of old records, nothing like the oldies!

super fluffy Cat in really nice home in Amsterdam,

And my sister's super cute cat Fafi!!! with Pinky

I've just received this precious picture from Fafi drooling! I had to post it hehehehehhe



Ana said...

Olá :)
Comecei um blog para vender algumas coisas novas e em 2a mão que já não uso, e estou a oferecer algumas coisinhas!

Para participar:


amberhella said...

uauuuu que vida dji gato!! também não me importava nada de ser o 1st cat! Nem o da loja de música....gatos boémios e felizes *

ines said...

O gato da primeira foto...a fotografia está espantosa! E adoro a foto do gato a babar-se...eheh, lindo :)

Inspira-te no nosso closet!

Ana said...

Sem dúvida este post animou-me hehe. Nicepics :)
P.S. Cat Lover eheheheh

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