Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ahh Sun! Where are you?

It has been a couple of weeks with out Sun :( So I had to cheer myself up! that was easy just looking at the pictures we took while in Stockholm in the Summer :)))

believe it or not it was 30 degrees there!!! :) without any doubt July is the best month to visit Sweden!

everyone was out enjoying the sun and having picnics!

even the dogs where needing a swim,


a nice afternoon in Gamla Stan, Stockholm,

this is the place where we had those yummy desserts and with music,

walking along the river,

ahhh nothing like a good summer day!!!

cannot wait for spring to come!!


Anonymous said...

Nice post Juana, You have a wonderful blog :)

amberhella said...

sentava-me à beirinha desse rio a tarde toda. tão bom viajar!!!!! :) ai! *

Anonymous said...

Ai, que delícia de lugar!!!

Camila F.

Deva said...

Eu ficava ali à beira rio a ler um livro; que maravilha de lugar :)

Ritokas said...

Que bonitas paisagens! =)

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