Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stockholm's Thousand islands cruise

If you want to take the best of the Stockholm's archipelagos I would definitely recommend the thousand islands cruise! Its a full day of amazing views!!

It departs from the Nybrokajen port,

and with some cake and cafe... yep in Portuguese it can be kind of tricky the cake word :P

amazing views,

during the trip you see some really amazing houses close to the shore,

red, white!

pink!! with the super cute little boat house,

nothing better than laying back and relaxing in the sun in your own little island!

We also stopped in some really amazing islands like this one,

that has some really nice guest houses,

you could also take a bit of sun and swim,

as it incredible as it my sound the water was much warmer then the water in Algarve ...yep true!!! .... but they don't have as many sunny shining days as we have in Algarve :P there had to be a trade off !

You also had a pretty nice lunch and dinner in the boat! I was positively surprised! Normally in this organized trips food is normally nothing special! But on this one there was a lot of local treats!

yummy food with a view!!!

we saw some super nice boats along the way,

as some pretty huge cruises!

definitely one day well spent!!

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Bonitas fotos e belo passeio ; )

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