Saturday, September 18, 2010

What is your favorite bike?

My favorite bikes are definitely in Amsterdam! There you can see an amazing variety. The colors, the personalization of the bikes is just a feast to the eye!

Blue seems to be the color of choice!

also mixing colors is very popular,

there had to be a polka dot bike :)

The classic old dutch bike,

I really this red and orange bike...

but is also difficult to resist to a pink bike!

super personalized bikes,

The family bikes,

The Paul Frank bike,

with super cute details, "Let's make a picnic"

Yes, Amsterdam is definitely the place of cool bikes!


Carolina said...

noo sorry, this is my favorite bike :D:D:D

V said...

Great blog Juana! I also love bikes... my problem when travelling to countries such as yours is to moderate my taking pictures of fashionable-sustainable people on their bikes! Regards from Barcelona.

By Deva said...

Que saudade dessa cidade!

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