Saturday, July 24, 2010

Northeast England Road Trip

There is nothing better than a road trip to really get to know a country's little secrets and to have the flexibility to always change your plans if you feel like stopping in a place for a bit longer.

This year since we were going to a friends wedding in Blackpool we planned a road trip going from Northeast England to Scotland. We arrived at Uk in the Hull port using the P&O ferries.

And headed in direction to the Hadrian Wall. Programmed it in the GPS and here we go! The route we had sent us through some really beautiful small roads,

The landscape around the Hadrian Wall is just breathtaking!

Following the pedestrian path around the Hadrian Wall,

The amazing tree in the middle of two mountains! what a vieewwww

a closer look with the sun shining!

gorgeous sunset!

This was a Sunday and all the restaurants around the Hadrian Wall were closed....Incredibly enough the takeaways were all open! So we ended up doing a bench picnic with some super tasty Indian food!

It was reallyyyyy good tasting... pity I can't recall the exact names of the dishes :(

Since it was on and off between raining and the sun shining we saw some beautiful rainbows

After all that sightseeing we stayed in a super cute B&B in Haltwhistle called the Kellah Farm

At Kellah they had a really nice breakfast room,

we had homemade sausages and fresh eggs!

Next stop heading to the Scottish borders!!


Concha said...

Grandes fotografias, Juana!

Beijinhos e até breve! :)

newsprout said...

Great pictures, thanks for sharing. I have always dreamed of touring the English countryside. The hutch in the picture is exactly like one my mom had growing up. Brings back memories.

Juana @ SweetVisualAids said...

Obrigada Concha!! :)

Newsprout! I'm very glad you've enjoyed my pics :)

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