Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Cupcakes Liners!

I have a little obsession in collecting Cupcakes liners, they are simply super cute :)
And everyones enjoys more eating a cupcake decorated with a nice cupcake liner.

My own collecting of Cupcakes Liners that keep on growing!

my latest acquisition from Hema, 200 liners for only 2.99 euros!

If I talk about cupcakes liners I need to talk about baking :) here are the apple and raisin muffins I did last weekend,

One of the things I enjoy about baking is the nice smell your house is left with!

The recipe comes from my all time favorite baking book Bake from the amazing
Rachel Allen,

here is the Muffins recipe being read by my two new little friends,

Also, I've recently in Etsy I've found this super cute CupcakeSocial,

for valentines day!

my favorite one :)


By Deva said...

Rendo-me a todos!!! São lindos!!!
Dá vontade de fazer muffins todas as semanas e convidar todos os amigos :)

Carolina said...

200!!! isso é q vai ser cozinhar!! para a próxima quero provar! hehe
é mais uma inspiração!:)

Brancoprata said...

Juana, parabéns pelo styling das imagens! Para além de ter um aspecto delicioso, as tuas imagens são dignas de qualquer livro de culinária!! ;)

Juana @ SweetVisualAids said...

Muito Obrigada!! :)

Dog training book store said...

whats bringing u to this obsession?:)

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